2022 Renewal EP&O Levy

  • When Our Schools Are Strong, Our Community Thrives

    The Kent School District (KSD) Renewal Educational Program & Operations (EP&O) Levy measure on the ballot for the February 8, 2022 election replaces the current levy expiring in December 2022.  

    The renewal EP&O Levy supports educational programs, student learning, and staffing. Since 1984 Kent School District has operated with local levy support for education programs and operations.

    Cost to Taxpayers

    • The levy is not a new tax. It renews an expiring tax that provides local funding for critical needs not covered by state and federal funding. 
    • Our levy makes up approximately 11 percent of our current revenue. Levy failure would mean significant reductions in staff, programs, and services for students.
    • The proposed collection is $76,250,000 in 2023 and 2024. This is the same amount authorized by voters for 2022.

    Investing in Our Students is Investing in Our Community  

    • Kent School District spends an average of $16,176.77 per student. 
    • Our local levy and bond dollars, when approved by voters, provide funds that stay in our district and help our students. 
    • A stable tax collection for our community that also addresses the educational needs of all students in Kent School District was a primary goal of planning the renewal levy for the February 8, 2022 election. 
    • The renewal EP&O Levy will continue to pay for established educational programming. This includes paying for staff positions, such as teachers, nurses, mental health counselors, career readiness, safety and security staff, professional development for teachers, and classroom and educational needs in our schools that the state can’t meet.

    Combined Tax Rate from EPO Levy, Capital/Tech Levy, and Bond Debt Service

    • The overall tax rate is composed of three smaller tax rates, our maintenance, and operations; our EP&O levy, represented by the royal blue color, is projected at $1.88 cents per thousand of assessed value for the calendar year 2023.
    • The other tax rate is our capital facilities and technology levy, represented in the light blue portion, projected at .73 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value for the calendar year 2023.
    • The last tax rate reflects debt service payments on our bonds. These funds support new school buildings and structures needing facilities renovations and improvements at a projected rate of $1.22 cents for the calendar year 2023.

    historical combined tax rate slide 13

    Funds from the EP&O Levy Benefit All Students

    All students should be given the same opportunities regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, or family income. This funding will ensure all students in Kent School District have the same opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

    Local levy funding allows us to provide the quality education our community expects for our children, which goes beyond the minimum funded by the state. 

    Small class sizes are a levy priority.

    • KSD employs about 130 basic education teachers not supported by state funding.
    • State funding is not enough to maintain lower class sizes.
    • Research shows that lower class sizes improve learning outcomes for kids!

    Our region has many high-tech employers offering high-wage jobs.

    • Our mission is to prepare your students for these jobs, and many others, through rigorous math, science, and tech-focused programs.

    Safety Services staff - those who keep our schools & students safe – are almost entirely levy-funded.

    • Modernized school safety camera technology and equipment are also levy-funded.

     Nurses are critical to keeping our students healthy and ready to learn and achieve.

    • KSD employs about 17 nurses not supported by state funding.

    Most of our arts programs, including our performing arts centers, receive no state funding.

    • Art develops the creativity and communication skills that our future leaders need.

    Since 2017, Kent School District has continued to strengthen its long-term financial position.

    • KSD has recently earned multiple bond rating upgrades.

    Local Levies Addresses Educational Needs

    The proposed 2022 Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy is a two-year renewal tax, replacing the current EP&O levy voters approved in 2020 and have supported for more than three decades. 

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