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    The Strategic Initiatives team guides the Kent School District in its efforts to actualize the Strategic Plan with intentional supports designed to maximize systems coherence. Our team is committed to advancing the District’s mission through the identification of strategic opportunities, and ensuring critical processes are running efficiently, effectively, and to criteria.

    How We Serve

    Together with our partners, the Strategic Initiatives team helps the District understand its current state, uncover opportunities to enhance District outcomes, and develop data-informed and inclusive strategies that dismantle inequitable systems to foster achievement for all students. As part of Strategic Initiatives, the following teams serve the critical functions of project strategy and governance, program operations, and information security.

    Project Strategy

    Through the adoption and promotion of project management practices, our Project Strategy team endeavors to enhance the capacity of KSD teams through the coordination, oversight and governance of project-based work aligned to the Strategic Plan. As part of this work, our team explores opportunities, anticipates system needs, and presents options that allow the district to adapt to the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

    Primary activities include, but are not limited to:

    • Design and curate project management frameworks, toolkits, templates, and resources.
    • Manage projects, project data and information.
    • Develop and integrate systems to address emerging needs and strategic opportunities.

    Program Operations

    Our Program Operations team is committed to fostering student access to needed support by helping programs run efficiently and effectively. Through a focus on process design, key district functions are standardized to enhance efficiency and efficacy in support of improved student outcomes.

    Primary activities include, but are not limited to:

    • Federal and state program data reporting and compliance.
    • Auditing, reporting and resolving issues related to compliance activities.
    • Managing key contracting processes for agency staffing and private school placements.
    • Budget construction and administration, position control, and year-end closing activities.
    • Resolving problems of practice and optimizing processes for efficiency.

    Information Security

    Our Information Security team is committed to working with everyone in the district to protect the personal and sensitive information that we have been entrusted with. Our staff are committed to partnering with teams to build a shared understanding of the role they play in protecting our data and environment, and developing and implementing practices that support those protections.

    Primary activities include, but are not limited to:

    • Partnering with KSD resources to develop, or update, policy, process, and practice that will improve our security culture.
    • Establish and maintain security awareness for all.
    • Monitor, analyze, and participate in response to security incidents.

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  • Strategic Initiatives

    12033 SE 256th Street #D-600
    Kent, WA 98030

    Joelle Bejarano

    Joelle Bejarano

    Director of Strategic Initiatives

    (253) 373-7197

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