Miriame "Mimi” Diawara

Mimi Miriame "Mimi” Diawara is excited for her future, interning with the Port of Seattle, and starting at the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

“I’m really to see excited to see what the future holds,” she said. “Graduating high school is opening new doors for me and I’m gaining more independence and responsibility in the coming months. I’m nervous about adjusting to college life especially at large institution like UW, but I also see it as an opportunity to grow and find myself.” 

This summer she’ll be interning with the Port of Seattle’s Community Outreach program and is excited to spend time with family and friends. 

“Summer is always a great time for me to reflect on the past school year and set new goals,” she said.  

She has been involved in many different events and clubs during her time at Kent-Meridian, but one stands out amongst the others.  

“This past October, Kent-Meridian was fortunate enough to host the annual Associated Washington Student Leaders Conference,” she explained. “It was an amazing weekend filled with hundreds of students from across the state coming to our school and I made great memories and connections there.” 

“But what I will take with me from high school and never forget are the relationships I made with students and teachers,” she said. “Those connections have helped shape me into the person I am today, and that’s my favorite part of high school. Because of my time at Kent-Meridian I take pride in my heritage and culture. And I’m grateful to be able to bring that spirit into college this fall.”