Luis Baez

Luis Baez Luis Baez is always looking for opportunities to expand his knowledge. As the son of immigrant parents and the oldest of four siblings, he sets the bar high for himself. He is known for his positive attitude and always asking “why?” which is why he’s working towards becoming an engineer after graduating from Kent Phoenix Academy.

In his Mechatronics class, which was one of his favorite classes, he worked beyond what was asked of him and wanted to understand why machines worked in certain ways and how they could be better designed.  

“Once we learned the basics of something, Luis would always find enjoyment in the challenge of thinking up some other way to make the project or get an idea for something completely new,” his Mechatronics teacher David Smith said. “He would ask, ‘May I do it this way?’ or ‘What would happen if I did it this way?’ My favorite response was always let’s find out.” 

"I want to keep learning and growing after I graduate,” Luis said. “My teacher gave us the freedom to explore new things and I want to keep doing that.”