Erin Davis

Erin Davis Each student’s path to graduation is unique, and this is especially true for Erin Davis. After moving to Kent from another state, she stopped attending school for a few months. When she re-entered high school she learned the first semester of her junior year wasn’t included on her transcript because she had left before the semester ended. 

Now, a year later, she’s completed her high school requirements and is preparing to graduate from our iGrad Academy to pursue her dream of becoming an animator.

“I’ve been drawing since sixth grade,” she said. “I draw everything, but I really like to design characters.” 

Erin is planning to attend the University of Washington to study visual communications and one day bring stories to life with her art. She said she watches animated shows for inspiration, and her favorite cartoon is Adventure Time. 

Like many students, Erin said she is “excited and scared” for the next chapter of her journey, but she is not facing it alone. She received scholarships from the Rotary Club of Kent and our school board earlier this month and our Kent community is excited to watch her animations one day!