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Mill Creek ASB Students Host Student Leadership Conference

Mill Creek Middle School Associated Student Body hosted a leadership conference this month that included 150 leadership students from middle schools in the area.

Each winter, the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) holds a Middle Level Regional Student Leadership Conferences at schools across the state. Mill Creek was fortunate to host one of the 13 conferences held this year. 

At the event student leaders participated in networking, team-building and idea sharing to learn how to build better leadership teams at their schools. This event is an example of one of the many partnerships that have a strategic impact on our students to support our children’s success.

Before attending the event, Mill Creek students made arrangements with their teachers to see what work they would be missing and would need to complete on their own time. They also spent many hours of planning to host this event at their school. “Our ASB students have spent a lot of time and effort getting ready for this event. We are proud of all their hard work and the leadership skills they have shown in representing Mill Creek,” said Sherilyn Ulland, principal of Mill Creek.

AWSP's student leadership program is recognized as a national model of excellence. In addition to running student leadership conferences at schools, AWSP also offers summer camps and workshops for individual students. For more information on AWSP or their programs, please visit their website.