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KSD Saves Money by Cutting Energy Costs

Kent School District offices and schools saved $64,516 through our Energy Conservation Program, with Meridian Middle School having the largest cost avoidance savings.

Meridian saved 23 percent in electricity and gas for November 2012, and 33 percent for December.

In 2011, the district started the Energy Program with the goals: maintaining comfort in the learning environment, eliminate energy waste, save money and create a climate of conservation ensuring sustainable savings.

Two district employees are tasked with the responsibility of monitoring energy usage in buildings, analyzing utility bills and working with schools and departments to find ways to save utility costs. These ways can include powering off all equipment, especially during holiday breaks and long weekends – and working with the maintenance department to fine tune when furnaces and lights are coming on in the morning and going off at night.

Kent School District is also a partner in the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Program.