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National Education Assessments

Cedar Heights is honored to be selected to participate in this year’s National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Also known as The Nation’s Report Card, NAEP has provided important information to the U.S. Department of Education about how students are performing academically since 1969.

Select eighth-grade students will take the NAEP at Cedar Heights on Monday, February 11, 2019. The assessment is administered only to a sample of students who represent the student population. Their participation will provide a snapshot of what students from across the country have learned in school, which in turn will inform major decisions about how to improve the education system in the United States.

The NAEP takes about 120 minutes, and no studying is necessary. A sample of students will take a mathematics or reading assessment and after completing the assessment, receive a Certificate of Community Service. These assessment scores will be anonymous and will not affect the student’s grades or academic record in any way.

Our children take tests for everything, but the National Assessment of Educational Progress is unique. The Nation’s Report Card is a resource—a national wakeup call—because it offers a window into the state of our education system and what our students are learning.

The results provide educators, policymakers, elected officials, and parents across the country with invaluable information regarding how our students are doing compared to other students in participating large urban districts, other states, and the nation.

When our students participate, they are helping to inform decisions about how to improve education in Washington State and in our country. The NAEP is a congressionally mandated project administered by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) within the U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

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