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Health Notice: Fentanyl Warning

There has been a significant increase in King County overdose deaths among young people due to fentanyl-laced drugs and powders. Parents and guardians are encouraged to talk directly to their children about the risks of substance abuse.

These deaths have been due to counterfeit opioid pills and powders that the young people did not know were laced with fentanyl. We are committed to keeping families informed and students safe.

Fentanyl even in very small doses is likely to lead to death when used outside the supervision of a doctor. Learn more about fentanyl, including images of known fentanyl-laced pills, on the Seattle and King County Public Health Insider blog.

Talking With Your Child About the Risks of Substance Use

We realize these conversations can be challenging, there are many resources available to help start the conversation. Check out the Washington Health Care Authority's Start Talking Now Conversation Resources.