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KSD Boundary Study Begins

Final Decisions to be made in January 2021 for the 2021-2022 School Year

New schools draw enrollment from neighborhoods now assigned to existing schools. The new Kent Valley elementary school will be located at the old Kent Mountainview Academy location. The new school, funded by a 2016 November bond measure, will help reduce overcrowding in some schools and help balance enrollment districtwide. Continuous population changes since our last boundary analysis in the 2006-2007 school year have also led to a need for a districtwide look at our school boundaries. An education consulting firm has begun to review our current school attendance boundaries for all schools in Kent School District (KSD).  
MGT Consulting Group will use data, community input, and an equity lens to provide the Kent School Board a plan for new boundaries that distributes enrollment among all KSD schools. From building maintenance to technology infrastructure, our operations must provide a safe and healthy environment that assists in student learning and accelerates student achievement.   
To address how we meet this challenge in the future, MGT, a nationally recognized company specializing in school facilities, is assessing our school buildings and will provide an outside perspective on how we can efficiently improve our schools. The Kent School Board approved hiring MGT Consulting Group at the August 26, 2020 board meeting. On September 23, 2020, during a work session, the Board met with MGT to discuss the process as the consultant has begun the demographic study. The factors for this boundary analysis include each schools' enrollment, capacity, utilization, physical condition, educational program suitability, and technology infrastructure.  
Over the next several months, MGT Consulting Group will be engaging with KSD Leaders, the KSD community, and the Board to gather data and community Input. In November, MGT will provide an interim report before presenting a final report to the Board in January. While COVID-19 restrictions limit in-person opportunities for engagement, both MGT and KSD leadership understand and value the need for community input in the boundary analysis process. Community engagement will begin with a survey in October. Virtual meetings (pending changes in COVID activity) will start in late November or early December.