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July 17, 2020

As we continue to prepare for what is sure to be a very unusual school year, we’re committed to keeping our KSD Community informed.

First Day of School

The final decision on how we will start the 2020-21 school year, will be announced after the School Board adopts our Back to School plan on or before August 12, 2020. Our plans must be agile so we can adjust and update as needed, as the public health landscape continues to evolve. Please remember that this guidance may change as public health conditions evolve. 

Remote Learning

This week, the Back to School Task Force focused on a plan for remote learning for all students. The Task Force is now finalizing details of the remote learning plan, including student participation expectations, grading guidelines, and teaching expectations to ensure all instructional hours, whether done through remote or distance learning, independent learning evaluated by a teacher, or in-person learning, meet the State Board of Education requirements for a 180 day school year.

Remote learning will be available in the event school buildings remain closed in the fall, or should they close abruptly due to a resurgence of COVID-19. Remote learning in 2020-21 will be of high-quality and consistently provided with more explicit expectations and accountability for instruction and assignments. Learning opportunities and supports for families on the districtwide learning management system, supplemental learning applications, and student-teacher communication platform will be provided.

Ideally, throughout the school year, our students will be engaged in remote learning in only short-term scenarios. However, the plan actively being finalized this week by our Task Force will provide schools the support needed for opening the school year in remote learning status if it is deemed necessary.

This week our Back To School Task Force also focused on how we will continue to lead with the lens of equity, giving all KSD students what they need to excel while recognizing the profound impacts this health crisis has had on students and their families.


Earlier this week, all KSD Families received a request to complete a Family Readiness survey by July 22. This survey will help us know more precisely how many families are comfortable having students return to school buildings this fall, even in a part-time status. Additionally, staff received a survey explicitly addressing their concerns and needs for returning to school for the 2020-21 school year.


Next Steps

Next steps for KSD and the Back to School Task Force include:

  • Discussing the three labor scenarios required by OSPI for reopening schools in the Back to School Task Force plan with all labor partners starting on July 20.
  • Providing the plan to the Kent School Board on August 3 for review before the August 12 Board Meetings for discussion and approval.
  • Submitting the board-approved plan to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction on August 13.
  • Starting the new school year on August 27.

Kent School District has established a web page where families and community members can learn more about the reopening plan, including answers to frequently asked questions. To access the page, visit