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July 10, 2020

The nature of COVID-19 presents many unknowns; our approach continues to be adaptable with equity and safety at the center of our planning.

We acknowledge the need our families and staff have for accurate and timely information as soon as possible. Collectively our Back to School Task Force has come together to tackle the challenges planning for reopening our schools during this time. Our Task Force represents the perspective of parents, community members, students, and all-district labor groups. Many of our nearly 4,000 staff can relate to the challenges as they are also parents who need to plan childcare, transportation, and work schedules on the days their children will be learning at home.

Our desire remains to return to in-person instruction daily, safely for all KSD students and staff.  At this time, we cannot ensure student and staff safety and have in-person instruction every day for all students at the start of the 2020-21 school year.

With this in mind, our Back to School Task Force is actively developing a hybrid learning model with students attending school in-person regularly, but not daily.  Next week all KSD families will be asked to complete a readiness survey. This survey will help us know more precisely how many families are comfortable having students return to school buildings this fall, even in a part-time status.

Instruction in both the hybrid model and remote learning model will be different than the continuous learning students experienced from March 17 through the end of the 2019-20 school year:

  • per OSPI guidelines, remote learning in any model will more closely align with in-person learning expectations.
  • students will be assessed, and grading will be aligned to standards, regardless of the instructional setting
  • all student work will count towards the determination of the student’s performance level
  • ongoing student engagement will be expected and closely monitored
  • more training on our districtwide learning management system will be provided so that students and teachers can engage with each other daily on one consistent districtwide platform
    • information and training will also be provided on district-approved supplemental applications for learning and communication

We will all need to continue to be agile and patient in the coming weeks. The plans our Back to School Task Force are preparing may change.  We continue to receive new and updated guidance from local, state, and federal authorities regularly. Right now, we are seeing spikes in COVID-19 cases as states have reopened. Any number of factors may cause us to shift between learning models before or after our first day of school.

We encourage everyone to be mindful of key preventive measures, including wearing face coverings and washing your hands thoroughly. Please help us reopen our schools and show us your mask on social media! #MASKUP #SHOWUSYOURMASK

Stay safe, stay healthy.