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KSD Elementary Wellness Week

In celebrating American Education Week, our schools are focusing on wellness. Each day will be a new challenge for staff and students to complete. After completing the daily challenge, teachers will complete a survey and upload a photo or comment about the challenge. 

Mindset Monday

Get your growth mindset brain going to know that you can move toward accomplishing goals, learning something new, making better choices, or growing as a person.

Talent Tuesday

Be kind to yourself. Turn off your computer at the end of your school day or workday (contract hours) and focus on the activities that bring you joy.

Water Wednesday

Drink 60 ounces of water today. It’s important to drink water to stay hydrated and support your overall health.

Thankful Thursday

Show gratitude to two other people (write a chat message, tell them, write a handwritten note, draw a picture). Write down one thing about yourself for which you are grateful.

Fitness Friday

Take five minutes every hour to get up and move. Students and adults do their best learning when they involve movement.