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Schools Recognized for Sustainability

Two Kent School District elementary schools were recognized by the King County Green Schools Program for their sustainability efforts. The program provides hands-on help, guidance for green teams, and the tools schools need, such as information, indoor recycling bins, and a variety of conservation signs, to make improvements. 

“This spring we are recognizing 89 schools and two school districts for their conservation practices,” said Pat D. McLaughlin, King County Solid Waste Division director. “By providing this hands-on program, King County is laying the foundation for a lifetime of resource conservation by students and their families as well as by school and district employees.” 

Lake Youngs Elementary was recognized as a Sustaining Green School, the highest level achievable. Park Orchard Elementary was recognized as a Level Two Green School for energy conservation and maintaining their waste reduction and recycling practices.  

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Want to help and learn more about the importance of conserving natural resources and protecting our environment?

Visit the King County Green Schools Program’s website.