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Triumph & Tragedy in History

Regional Competition Results

Finalists from Cedar Heights Middle School, Kent Mountain View Academy, and Meeker Middle School competed against more than 300 students from the South Puget Sound region on March 28 and 26 KSD students will go on to the state competition at Central Washington University May 4.

Cedar Heights Middle School

Kristine Asprer
Historical Paper, Second Place
"New York's Desperate Hours: Poliomyelitis"

Joshua Auman, Payton Warner, & David Ogabi
Group Exhibit Section 2, Second Place
“The Fall of Tenochtitlan”

Erika Beltran
Historical Paper, First Place
"Influenza, A World Wide Disaster: The Pandemic That Changed Everything"

Hailey Edwards & Nora Kimmett
Group Performance, Second Place
“The Panacea of Polio”

Justin Cerenzie, Cameron Daniels, Aiden Johnson, & Jason Dugan
Group Website, First Place
The Rise and Fall of Justinian I

Maggie Hansen & Erica Maes
Group Exhibit Section 1, Third Place
“Anyway, We Delivered The Bomb”

Sophie Lakew, Hannah Mcdunnah, Samantha Lingo, & Victoria Rowland
Group Exhibit Section 1, Second Place
“A Night To Remember”

Alyssa Martin & Nathalia Ortiz
Group Performance, Third Place
“The Dark Secrets Behind China's Wealth”

Yasmine Mikos, Brie Catherson, & Jamison Richards
Group Exhibit Section 2, Third Place
“Art of Death: When the Plague Strikes”

Anna Mitchell
Individual Documentary, First Place
“9/11 America's Triumph Over Tragedy”

Mason Newton, Gage Kroh, & Ethan Loghry
Group Documentary, Second Place
“Christmas Spirit Between the Trenches”


Kent Mountain View Academy (Junior Division)

Joshua William-Ajaero
Historical Paper, Third Place
"1882 Halsted's Radical Mastectomy: The Triumphant Surgery That Saved the Tragedy of Cancer Treatments"

Nia Brice
Individual Exhibit Section 2, Third Place
“Up From Slavery: Washington's Dream Du Bois's Compromise”

Ashley Gramann
Individual Performance, First Place
“Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Unjust Trails that Caused the Tragedy of the Salem Witch Trials”

Ashmin Grewal
Individual Exhibit Section 2, Second Place
“Bhopal Gas Leak: Where people suffered; the government listened; Union Carbide did nothing”

Laurean Love
Individual Documentary, Second Place
“From Devastation comes Salvation: Nuclear Success after an Age of War”

Alex McDuffie
Individual Performance,Third Place
“The Tragedies of Child Labour”

Aidan McQuillen
Individual Website, First Place
"The Battle of Saragarhi"

Nevada Nelson
Individual Documentary, Third Place
“Yellowstone's Gray Wolf: The Unexpected Triumphs of Wildlife Reintroduction”

Kyra Van
Individual Performance, Second Place
“The Trip To Ellis Island: The Triumphs And Tragedies That It Caused”


Meeker Middle School

Kayley Day
Individual Exhibit Section 1, First Place
“Won by Women”

Jennifer Garcia
Individual Exhibit Section 1, Second Place


Kent Mountain View Academy (Senior Division)

Leo (Laiana) Gramann
Individual Documentary, Second Place
"Alcohol and Arsenic"

Janessa Hansen
Individual Exhibit, First Place
The Bone Wars

Arundeep Kaur & Gurleen Saini
Group Website, First Place
“The Ryan White Care Act: A Long-Awaited Triumph in the Tragic History of AIDS”

Ameemah Khan
Individual Exhibit, Second Place
The Man, The Mouse, and The Rabbit

Carol Jean Metzelaar
Individual Performance, First Place
The Triumphs and Tragedies of a Young Female Soldier in the American Civil War

Vitaliy Piankov
Individual Documentary, First Place
“The War Against an Invisible Enemy”

Gursimran Singh
Individual Website, Second Place
"Watergate: The Fall of a Scandalous Government"


Regional Competition Preview

81 students from Cedar Heights Middle School, Kent Mountain View Academy, and Meeker Middle School will represent Kent School District at the the Regional National History Day competition March 28.

Students began choosing and researching topics related this year’s theme, “Triumph and Tragedy in History,” in November and competed with other students from their schools in January. Finalists from each school, 39 from Cedar Heights, 30 from Kent Mountain View, and 12 from Meeker, will compete at Green River College with the hope of making it onto the next level of competition.

“History Day is a perfect storm of academic rigor and excellence,” explained John Buchinger, a social studies teacher at Meeker. “This project encourages students to make connections, inferences, and then develop an opinionated response to their learning.”

Student topics ranged from Halsted’s Mastectomy to Operation Blue Star, and the Bone Wars. Kent Mountain View students were also able to interview AIDS victim Ryan White’s mother among others.

“Talking to students about this work was really inspiring,” said Emily Harris, an instructional coach who helped judge Meeker’s competition. “So many students had genuine personal connections to their topics that really drive their curiosity into the work.”

At each level of the competition, students share their work with their peers, historians, educators, and professionals in related fields.

“The best part was the closing ceremony where each student was acknowledged for their participation and hard work,” Harris said. “When the final winners were selected, I was ready for disappointment, or even tears, but all I saw were mature young people who were celebrating each other’s accomplishments and cheering on their peers.”

About National History Day

National History Day is an academic enrichment program for students in grades 6-12. Students select topics connected to an annual theme and complete their own in-depth research on the topic. Students present their conclusions by creating museum-style exhibits, media documentaries, research papers, interactive websites, and dramatic performances.

Participation in the program continues to grow with more than 500,000 students participating annually across the nation. The National History Day program in Washington is coordinated by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.