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Setting Goals Today, Achieving Tomorrow

Superintendent Vela Q&A

How does practicing the concept of goal setting from a young age translate into success in the future? I sat down with some of our fifth-graders to discuss how the goal setting they currently practice in their education looks much the same as the district’s Strategic Plan. Creating a roadmap for success through achievable goals will leave a lasting impression throughout their educational and career journey.

Beckham I want to be better at reading and math.
Adalyn Better attendance is one of my goals.
Hannah I want to learn calculus and graduate from university at the top of my class.
Iris I want to be the best student I can be and help our community and help the world.
Beckett I want to read “thicker” books and be smarter than my brother.
Eden I want to learn seventh-grade math.

Strategic Plan

As referenced above, our students participate in goal setting to support their learning. Goal setting is a dynamic approach to empower students in their learning journey to support student achievement. We as a district also set goals to achieve our mission. The Board of Directors adopted a refreshed strategic plan and goals in June 2023. As the district implements its strategic plan, priority initiatives are identified for each goal which direct the district’s resources towards the strategies most impactful to student growth and success.

By embracing the strategic plan and its goals along with goal setting as a core principle, Kent School District is shaping a future where every student thrives. As goals are achieved and new challenges arise, the district remains committed to continuously evaluating and refining its practices. To that end, regular progress reports are presented at School Board Work Sessions. For a summary of the progress reports visit our Strategic Plan Webpage.

K-5 Reading and Math

I am proud to share our elementary reading and math iReady midyear scores. Since the beginning of the school year, kindergarten through fifthgrade students reading at, or above grade level increased by 12 percent and elementary math scores have increased by 15 percent. Through our strategic plan, we are implementing a districtwide strategy to continue building a coherent organization and enable staff, both in and out of the classroom, to carry out their part of the strategy. With this dedication and focus, we are laying the foundation for long-lasting success and empowering students to reach their full potential.

Graduation Rates

I am pleased to announce the impressive graduation rates achieved by our students last year. I extend my congratulations to our exceptional teachers and staff who support the teaching process. Education is a collective effort, from teachers, to parents and guardians to mentors, counselors, and community leaders, your contributions have made a significant impact on the achievements of our graduates. We are proud to have a strong network of individuals and organizations who understand the importance of education in shaping the future of our community.