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KSD Teacher of the Year Demonstrates Excellence

KSD Teacher of the Year Demonstrates ExcellenceOur school district’s goals become fully realized because we have passionate and experienced educators in the classroom, acting at once as teachers, role models, and life coaches, to prepare students for the rest of their lives. Ebru Keremoglu, our 2024 Teacher of the Year, thoroughly embodies these characteristics. Through her life experience and continuous effort toward improvement and excellence, she “is an example of teacher leadership, an important cultural advocate, and brings an international perspective to instruction at Kentlake High School, which deepens both our students’ and her colleagues’ learning,” according to Andrew Mackend, assistant principal at Kentlake.

Ebru has taught biology and chemistry at Kentlake High School since 2018. Her path to teaching has been an international voyage, beginning in Kyrgyzstan, where students come from small villages and stay in dorms to get an education. She then spent five years in Africa, teaching science at a girls’ high school and enabling female students to realize they can excel in that field. From there, she made her mark at Federal Way Public Schools before joining Team KSD.

Through active volunteer participation in the community, Ebru leads by example. She currently serves on the board of directors of the Pacifica Foundation and helps organize events promoting peace through dialogue. During her time in Dakar, she was active in groups that helped distribute goods to impoverished families and organized events to discuss solving women’s problems.

Ebru’s daily commitment to students in and out of the classroom shows her highest quality as an educator and a human being. She and her co-teacher, Matt Harvey, exemplify a powerful, effective model by designing their lessons around strategic co-teaching models that further students’ learning. Ebru implements reading initiatives with fidelity and constantly works with school success coaches to hone and refine her practice. Classroom disruptions are rare in Ebru’s room as she consistently provides her students with a positive and safe learning environment.

Ebru believes that teachers have the power to make the world a better place to live. She is well-respected by students and colleagues alike.

“I cannot think of a more deserving teacher for this prestigious award,” Andrew Mackend stated. “Her dedication to refining her practice, advocating for equitable practices, and modeling servant leadership makes Ebru an outstanding choice for KSD Teacher of the Year.” Elizabeth K., a student at Kentlake, also didn’t mince words: “She is one of the best teachers that I have ever had or ever will have.”