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Advising the Leaders of Tomorrow

Student and teacher looking at computerOne of the things I love about having Mr. Strang as a teacher is he’s always open to help, support, and make sure everyone participates,” shares Jamil, a student from Kent Laboratory Academy (KA), reflecting on the positive impact Byron Strang has had within the school community. This sentiment echoes the sentiments of many whom Strang’s guidance and leadership have influenced.

Strang has been a teacher within KSD since 2013 and was recently named the Regional Middle-Level Activity Adviser of the Year for the Northwest Region. The prestigious award, sponsored by the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL), a division of the Washington School Principal’s Education Foundation (WSPEF), highlights Strang’s exceptional dedication and leadership in guiding students toward success.

Strang’s achievement is a testament to his commitment and talent and underscores the robust support system within KA. Hannah, a student of Strang’s, expressed her gratitude for his impact on the school community, stating, “Mr. Strang has brought us many opportunities to such a small school, from guiding us to planning our first school dances to going and learning at AWSL events that have impacted my life and leadership skills. Without his help and guidance, I wouldn’t be sure where we as a school would be with our school community.”

For Strang, fostering leadership isn’t just a duty; it’s a belief in every individual’s potential.

Moreover, students at Kent Laboratory Academy appreciate the unique opportunities and challenges that Strang’s leadership program presents. Abigail, another student of Strang’s, also shares that she enjoys “the leadership skills we get to practice and how this class challenges you to think exterior and real world.”

The accolade celebrates Strang’s achievement and shines a spotlight on KA as a hub of educational excellence and student empowerment.

Congratulations resonate throughout the school community, which proudly boasts the home of the Northwest Region’s Middle-Level Activity Adviser of the Year. Byron Strang’s dedication inspires educators and students alike, showcasing the transformative power of mentorship and support in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.