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Student Spotlight: Angel Hanson

ANGEL HANSON Regional Welding Champion

Forging New Skills

Angel Hanson

Regional Welding Champion

Students from Kent-Meridian High School’s (KM) welding program made their mark at the regional SkillsUSA Welding Competition, showcasing their skills and determination with outstanding results. Among the standout performers was first-year welding student Angel Hanson, who surprised himself and his peers by clinching first place in the competition.

Angel’s victory highlighted his individual talents and underscored the strength and effectiveness of the welding program at KM. Despite being relatively new to welding, Angel’s dedication and natural aptitude for the craft propelled

him to the pinnacle of success. Angel also expressed his initial modest expectations: “I would be happy if I placed within the top five.” However, his commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of improvement paid off, exceeding even his own aspirations.

Looking ahead, Angel is not content to rest on his laurels. While he eagerly anticipates competing at the state competition, his ambitions extend far beyond mere accolades. He envisions a future where welding becomes his profession, emphasizing the practicality and versatility of the skill. “Welding is a skill that you’re going to be able to use no matter what,” he remarked, demonstrating his forward-thinking mindset.

Angel’s journey from novice to champion serves as an inspiration to his fellow students, illustrating the transformative power of hard work and determination.

As the welding program continues to nurture talent and cultivate passion, it is evident that students like Angel are not only prepared to excel in competitions but also poised to make meaningful contributions to the field of welding beyond the walls of KM.