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Alumni Spotlight

Tierra Frost

Equity and Engagement Program Support Specialist Kent School District


Kent-Meridian High School, 2010 

Washington State University B.A. Journalism and Broadcast Production, 2014

University of San Francisco M.A. Urban Education and Social Justice, 2017

Who do you admire the most? 

My Nana. She taught me unconditional love and to be a fierce leader with a purpose that must involve helping others. 

What is your proudest achievement?

Being a teacher sticks with me the most. My students taught me patience, care, trust, and love that has supported my personal development greater than any award or accolade. 

What mark do you feel you’ve left on KM? 

I was heavily involved in sports and extracurriculars, but I believe the mark I left was when I went out into the real world and demonstrated the values I learned there.

Do you have a personal hero?

Anyone who has ever selflessly poured into me is my hero.

How have you left a mark on your community?

I beat a lot of odds and statistics to achieve every success I’ve achieved. Growing up in a low-income single parent household, there were a lot of odds stacked against me and I’ve conquered every single one of them. I hope that inspires others in this community that share a similar background to know that there is a path for you if you listen to your heart, believe in yourself, and never deny help from those who care. 

That said, I’m not done leaving my mark. More to come...