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Passport to the Future: Investing in Our Tomorrow, Today

Denisha Saucedo Every day we are increasingly surrounded by technology in our society, and students are faced with decisions on how to engage with these resources and tools. With the support of our community through the 2019-2024 Technology and Capital Levy, several exciting projects have prepared schools to lean into new opportunities brought by our recently completed one-to-one program in the areas of teaching and learning, digital citizenship, data privacy and security, and reliable systems and infrastructure.

With the availability of instructional technology for all students, our focus remains on the core business of teaching and learning, with an emphasis on learning for each and every student in Kent School District. Thoughtful partnership with teachers, school leaders, and district teams has catalyzed professional development for all staff. We believe when our teachers are supported and developed, students have every opportunity to succeed. And when rigorous curriculum drives the use of instructional technology at the hands of great teachers, our students’ understanding of their future possibilities are transformed.

KSD teacher Denisha Saucedo fosters equitable access to learning supports for her students daily by using digital notebooks for instant access to translators, assistive readers, and digital dictionaries, from any device or location. She enriches her students’ learning in school and at home by supplying digital resources that help organize student thinking and encouraging students to collaborate on their work without fear. With this real-time digital record of work, students never lose their homework or miss access to an assignment, while maximizing learning and increasing understanding.

To support transformative teaching and learning in classrooms throughout the District, wi-fi and connectivity infrastructure are also scaling to accommodate new devices, provide quicker access to digital tools and resources, and enhance the security of our learners while they’re online.

We are committed to partnering with our community to create a shared vision that is purposeful and directed toward setting higher standards for our community of learners and leaders, always driven by values of equity and excellence. It is because of voter support we are able to enrich the educational experience of our students and prepare them to grow, achieve, persevere, and transcend what is possible today so they are successful in the world of tomorrow.