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TALK 2019

Hundreds of district staff members attended Teaching and Learning Kent (School District) or TALK 2019 on August 15 and 16 at Green River College to discuss and learn ways on how to better impact students and the community of Kent School District.

More than 300 staff, comprised of paraeducators, teachers, and administrators, attended TALK and were inspired to reach students by building relationships and helping them grow individually.

Chief Learning Officer DeNelle West said, “There's no greater avenue to having an impact on student learning than through our teachers and we want to make sure they have access to high-quality resources to engage in professional learning experiences that they can take back and transition into their practice.”

Attendees took part in workshops, and also had a chance to listen and gain knowledge from Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade and Terry Chadsey.

Duncan-Andrade is an associate professor of Raza Studies and Education at San Francisco State University and is the founder of the Roses in Concrete Community School, which is a community responsive lab school in East Oakland, California. Chadsey taught on the southside of Chicago for 22 years and spent 10 years working in Everett and Seattle school districts. Both Duncan-Andrade and Chadsey talked about the importance of focusing on building relationships with students to help them grow individually and as learners and about not being solely data-driven.

“Without question, TALK 2019 has lived up to its billing as a “signature learning event” for our Kent School District (KSD) teachers and paraeducators. By establishing a culture of care along with high-quality professional learning experiences, KSD will become the fastest improving school district in the nation whose students learn and perform at a high standard” said Dr. Calvin J. Watts, superintendent.