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Family & Community Surveys Open for KSD Boundary Analysis

Complete by Sunday, October 25

The school attendance boundary survey is extended  to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to provide input. Families please check your email or text for a link. Community members can access the survey online

MGT Consulting Group will use data, community input, and an equity lens to provide the Kent School Board a recommended plan for new boundaries that distributes student enrollment among all schools. From building maintenance to technology infrastructure, our operations must provide a safe and healthy environment that assists in student learning and accelerates student achievement. 

The survey is the next step to allow MGT to complete an interim recommendation to the Kent School Board by helping MGT get the community perspective and better understand our community's school boundary social fabric before making final recommendations.  

MGT will include community input from the survey responses, KSD staff and leadership interviews, and community meetings to inform the interim report to the board in November. 

There will be additional opportunities for families and community members to provide feedback. While COVID-19 restrictions limit in-person opportunities for engagement, both MGT and KSD leadership understand and value the need for community input in the boundary analysis process. Virtual meetings (pending changes in COVID activity) will start in late November or early December.

In January, MGT will present a final report to the Board of Directors.