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Students Focus on Kindness

Glenridge Elementary School hosted its first annual Kindness Day on Wednesday, June 19. Kindness Day included a school assembly featuring local author, Lois Brandt, who shared the inspiration for her book, Maddi’s Fridge, about childhood hunger. Students also prepared iCare bags for those in need, created bookmarks for donated books, boxed up donated food items, wrote notes of appreciation for local community members, and painted kindness rocks to promote caring and compassion. 

Positive Impact

Students and staff at Glenridge have participated in a variety of events focused on kindness throughout the year, including writing bucket fillers and promoting good deeds and other acts of kindness. 

“This schoolwide effort helps us build a safe, caring community for our students, staff, and families," explained Jennifer Hoglund, an educational assistant at Glenridge. "We will continue our efforts to support a positive school climate.”