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School Board Celebrates Retirees

As the school year ends, we say goodbye to many influential staff members who have dedicated their careers to education. Not only are they dedicated and hard-working individuals, they have made a difference in the lives of others by doing their job with excellence every day, every week, every month, and eventually, years. Our retirees have made a lasting impression on the world through their work with our students and families and for that, we are forever grateful.

Retiree photo with board of directors

Kent School District Board of Directors honored our retirees at a reception and presentation on June 12 at the Administration Center. The Board and Superintendent Watts expressed heartfelt appreciation for their many years of service and wished them well in their future endeavors!

2018-2019 Kent School District Retirees


Barrett, Edward P.

Bizak, Sandra

Bridgewater, Carolyn A.

Cannon, Nancy

Crisler, Gayla

Day, Danny

DeCamp, Jacqueline

Dyson, Jennifer L.

Eide, Virginia

Ewart, James

Fenstermacher, Mary

Finley, Kim

George, Annette

Gorich, Pavel

Haggin, Mogi

Harmaning, Glenn

Harrow, Jackie

Haworth, Katherine R.

Hiatt, Kathleen

Hollar, Cathleen

Johnson, Darlene

Kelemen, Diane L.

Klug, Keith

Lambert, Mary Jo

Lewis, Michael J

Lloyd, Rebecca L.

Long, Fred

Louie, Brenda

Lucke, Judith

Lutes, David

Mansa, Elizabeth

McClung, Kim V.

Noble, Cynthia

Noble, Rodney

Richards, Jan

Rick, Bruce

Sells, Carol

Singletary, Jamie J.

Sousa, Louise

Stampalia, Pamela

Streiffert, Nancy

Taylor, Roberta Helgeland

Vosper, Mary

Whitlock, Diane

Whitten, Michael

Wienker, Marie

Wiita, Lucinda

Williams, Mary A.