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Springbrook Celebrates 50 Years

Around 500 people were at Springbrook Elementary Thursday, June 6, celebrating multicultural night and the school’s 50th anniversary.

The celebratory night included a variety show and an art display. Community organizations and families contributed to providing a buffet-style meal for attendees to enjoy.

Kindergarteners and first-graders performed songs and melodies as individual classes and also in collaboration with each other. Other students also showcased their unique talents in many different forms.

Dr. Calvin J. Watts, superintendent, said, “That made me feel incredibly proud. It also answered every question about why I enjoy my job as Superintendent of Kent School District: it’s to see our youngest students show so much promise, progress, and joy.”

Springbrook is one of the most richly diverse schools in the district, and it was on full display as many students wore apparel representing their culture.

“I think that them [students] getting on stage and becoming the center of attention is a different side than we see in the classroom or playground. I think that grows their personality and pushes their boundaries and helps them become the people that they’re going to be,” said Springbrook Interventionist, Linda Buchanan.

During the festivities, students and staff opened a time capsule from 1994 that included a school newsletter, calendar, newspaper, school pictures, a VHS tape, CD Rom, classwork, and much more.

They will bury a new time capsule on the last day of school, June 25, which will be opened in the next 25 years.