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Students Establish Legacy

Stephen Glover taking a picture with his award. Two students from our Transition Outreach Program (TOP), who are also enrolled in the Achieve Program at Highline College, recently received a Legacy Award.

First-year student Stephen Glover won the Legacy Leadership Award, and second-year student Jazmen Wright earned the Legacy Scholar Award. Both were presented their award at the Highline ceremony on Saturday, May 22.

Glover is an avid photographer and worked at the Highline student newspaper, ThunderWord, for a majority of the school year. Many of his photographs were featured in the newspaper. One issue featured Stephen’s work throughout the paper, which included 12 of his photos.

Wright goes above and beyond the average Achieve student. Students often take “general” classes offered by Highline College in addition to the Achieve program, but usually only observe the classes and are not graded on their work. Jazmen on the other hand, takes these classes for a grade. She has taken more “general” classes for a grade than any other Achieve student.

Jazmen Wright taking a picture with her award. Andrew Till, TOP special education teacher and case manager said, “Her best quality is her determination and work ethic in the classroom. She has truly earned the scholar award...and has been an academic rock star by Achieve standards.”

Till meets with students every Monday and Wednesday at Highline College to deliver speech services.

Till said Stephen has made various new friends and is involved in the community. “I cannot walk through campus with him without someone shouting a, ‘Hi Stevie.’”

Wright plans to take more classes at Highline College in the fall in effort to earn her associate degree and become a paraeducator. She wants to work at a KSD elementary school.

“The teachers at TOP are jealous as we would love for her to come back and work at TOP someday.”

Both Glover and Wright have made TOP and their community proud.

“Both students are role models for all students, not just students with disabilities.”

Wright will graduate from TOP and the Achieve Program this year. Glover will start his second year in the fall.