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Community Helps Students Prepare for Prom

From the tickets, dresses, tuxedos, and flowers, prom can be a financial burden for many Kent School District students and families, but our incredible community volunteers and the Cinderella Project are helping make the event more equitable for all students. Volunteer organizes dresses

“This is such a great program,” Brittni Meyers said. She graduated from Kentwood High School in 2007 and her children are still in elementary school, but she volunteered a few hours of her time on Monday afternoon to help Kentwood students find the perfect outfit for prom. 

“I benefitted from it when I was in high school and it’s so great that I can now help give back to my community and these students,” Meyers said.  

The Cinderella Project is organized by the Kent Area Council PTSA and helps make the prom experience more equitable for all students. 

“I wouldn’t want the cost of prom to keep students from going,” said Dianne Nagasaka, who also wanted to help Kentwood students even though her own students are in elementary school. “They needed volunteers and I wanted to help.”  

Want to get involved and help students prepare for prom? The Cinderella Project is searching for a new chairperson for the 2019-20 school year