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Celebrating Our School Nurses

When students scrape their knees on the playground, get stung by a bee, or have specific medical conditions, our incredible school nurses are there to help! We have 29 school nurses in Kent School District (KSD), just over 4 of these positions are funded by the state and the rest are funded by our local levy dollars. Our nurses help keep our students healthy and safe so they can focus on learning and preparing for their futures.

Thank you school nurses

“I have found school nurses to be some of the most caring, knowledgeable and dedicated individuals in our schools,” Randy Heath, our executive director of student and family support services, said. “They are a critical part of helping schools to be safe and caring environments.” 

School nurses provide a vital service for students and families. A student’s health issues can be a barrier to attending school and/or their attention while at school. Much of the work our school nurses do is preventative, including managing immunization and medical assessment information, performing vision and hearing tests, and teaching First Aid/CPR classes. 

“Finding resources for families is also an important part of our jobs,” Milly Nabarrette, a nurse at Meadow Ridge and Martin Sortun said.  

Several years ago, she helped her receive hearing aids and hear her mother’s voice for the first time.  

“This student was able to hear the sounds that we all take for granted like a mother’s voice, traffic, sirens, laughter, a teacher reading a story and so many other sounds she had not heard before, a miracle for this child!” she said.  

By working with families to develop health plans, follow up on referrals to doctors and educating about a broad range of health issues, school nurses help students come to school every day ready to learn. 
“I worked in Harborview’s Intensive Care Unit for many years, but this is the most challenging job I’ve ever had,” Nabarrette said. “They’re our future leaders and it’s so important to help keep them healthy and in school.” 

Thank you to our amazing school nurses for helping keep our students safe and healthy every day!