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Celebrate Public School Volunteer Week

Public school volunteers are a significant factor in the quality of our schools and the success of our students!

”School volunteers do so much more than work in classrooms, they are positive role models and student motivators. Their unselfish work contributes to a diverse environment enhancing the efforts to prepare our students for the future. I deeply appreciate the community of volunteers who dedicate their time and resources in our schools,” said Kent School District Teacher of the Year David VanHoomissen. 

Volunteers bring their experience, expertise, and passion when working in our schools and making unique connections with students and staff. Whether serving as a classroom speaker about careers or cheering on students during extracurricular activities, they provide their skills and ideas in our learning communities and day-to-day activities.

Through volunteering, parents, families, and community members are providing an invaluable contribution to the education of our students by serving as chaperones, club leaders, sponsors, tutors, mentors, coaches, booster club members, PTA, PTSA, and PTO members, and in countless other ways.  

We appreciate our dedicated volunteers who generously give their time every school year to support our school community and, ultimately, make us a stronger community overall.

During Public School Volunteer Week, April 15-19, we encourage everyone to join us in celebrating the vital work of our volunteers. If you would like to join our volunteer team in supporting our students and staff, complete a volunteer application online.