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Breaking Down Barriers to Success

Forty-five Kent-Meridian High School students were admitted to Central Washington University and Eastern Washington University during two recent on-the-spot admission events.

Students pose with EWU flag.

During these events, admissions officers from the universities came to the high school, met with students who had signed-up for the event, reviewed their transcripts, and then let them know right away if they were admitted.

Senior Jessica Martinez said she isn’t sure what she wants to do after high school, “but it’s helpful to know right away if I’m accepted.”

These events remove some of the challenges students face while applying to college, like fees and confusing application questions.

“Many of our students are first-generation college students,” explained Elisa Aguayo Munoz, student achievement specialist at Kent-Meridian. “They rely on school staff to find out about college-related information, like SAT testing dates, college applications, and how to fill out financial aid forms. If there are any opportunities available to eliminate barriers, we want to make sure our students know about them.”

Erika Enciso-Castillo, who also helped organize the event, said she and Aguayo Munoz want to ensure all students have equal access to these opportunities for success. “As first-generation college students, and Kent-Meridian graduates ourselves, it’s important to us to help them like our mentors helped us,” she said.

Senior Djamila Oumarou, who is planning to study biology and religion, said she has already applied to other colleges across the country, but it was helpful to have this opportunity.

“This gives me an insight into the admissions process and calms my nerves for applying to other schools.” she said. “It showed me that the admissions officers are just regular people who want to help.”