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Welcome to Our New Website!

As we begin a new year, we are thrilled to welcome you to our new website.

One of the first things you’ll notice is a uniform look and feel—whether you are at a district or school site. We listened to our community and provided easier and consistent navigation throughout the school websites. You will be able to find information more quickly, and in many cases with fewer clicks.

We also did the research to ensure the most visited items are prominent on all webpages.

  • Meal information (menus and more)
  • Skyward (schedules, grades)
  • School calendar
  • Staff directory
  • Volunteer information


One of the most important changes to our website is its accessibility. By improving accessibility and usability, the website now accommodates users with diverse abilities and aligns with our core values of equity, excellence and community.

Responsive Design

As you explore our new website, you will notice a responsive design feature that automatically adjusts content depending on what device you’re using to access the site. This makes information easily accessible from any technology device including tablets and smartphones, meaning you can get the information you need on the go.

Look Around and Let Us Know What You Think

We’re confident you’ll find our new website easier to use and be able to find the information important to you. Check it out, explore and click away in discovering our website’s exciting new format, features and enhancements.

We welcome your feedback and questions about the new website. Please complete this short survey or contact us at


Available in more than 100 Languages

Open the Translate drop-down menu located in the upper left corner of the website above Home to view the entire website in one of more than 100 languages using Google Translate.

User-friendly Navigation with Audience-Focused Drop-Down Menus

The main website navigation, or channels, is more consistent across the district and levels allowing the same user experience from school to school.

Elementary Schools and Academies

  • Our School: Find school-specific information including staff directories, bell schedules, and more!
  • Families: Find information and resources on attendance, health services, school meals, and more!
  • Community: Find out how you can get involved with our school by volunteering or becoming a member of Team KSD!
  • Calendar: Find out what’s happening in our school.

Middle and High Schools

Secondary schools have the same Our School, Families, Community, and Calendar channels as elementary websites, PLUS:

  • Student Life: Find information on athletics, clubs, and associated student body (ASB).


Can’t find what you are looking for? Check out our improved search function to find exactly what you need. It's located on the top right of the website.


Visit school homepages to find updates and announcements you need the most. 

  • Upcoming Events: Pulling information from the school calendar, this section appears just below the image, so you won’t miss a thing.
  • Site Shortcuts: Find what you need quickly. 
  • Announcements: See and find the most important information at a glance.
  • School News: Learn more about events, programs, and district initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a new website?

Focusing on Excellence

Our website is a powerful communication and information delivery tool reflecting our core values of excellence, equity, and community. By making it more user focused, concise, consistent, and accessible, we are providing access to the vital information important to our students, families and community.

Advancing Equity

One of the most important changes is our website’s accessibility. By improving accessibility and usability, it now accommodates users with diverse abilities, aligning with our equity policy.           

Our new website is optimized to access from your smartphone or tablet, meaning you can get the information you need on the go.

Listening to Our Community

We listened to our community and provided streamlined navigation and content with the same look and feel to each site, allowing a more consistent user experience from school to school.

Why a new website now?

In June 2016, the District received a formal complaint from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights regarding our websites online content accessibility. The District promptly entered into an agreement to resolve the issues identified in the complaint. Through this process, the District must conduct various initiatives to attain and maintain compliance to satisfy the terms of the agreement within a 24-month period.

View the countersigned Resolution Agreement reached by the Kent School District and Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

Why is some content not on the new website?

There are several reasons why some content might not be on the new website including:

  1. Our website is now external focus only and internal information can be accessed through StaffLink or other forms of communication.
  2. To make the website more user-friendly, consistent, and easier to navigate.
  3. Our website design was driven by website analytics – including visits and frequency of updates, research of other school district sites, industry best practices, and community input.
  4. Our website continues to evolve and content will be added as needed.

How much did the new website cost?

For the new website we remained on contract with our current provided Blackboard, Inc.

  • The web template that was chosen by a committee, including customizations for the new website totals $7,450.
  • The accessibility audit and training required as outlined in the OCR resolution agreement totals $30.008.67
  • Temporary part-time staff members were hired to help with the website migration, totaling $20,978.98 from August through November 2018 for all 43 websites including school, district, and program websites.