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National Board Standards: Elevating Teaching Excellence and Student Achievement

NBCT Honorees and Board MembersNational Board Certification, established by educators for educators, represents the pinnacle of achievement in teaching standards. Founded on five Core Propositions, the National Board Certification is renowned for its rigorous process that enhances teacher quality and fosters improved student learning outcomes nationwide.

National Board Certification, often referred to as the gold standard in teacher certification, spans across 25 certificate areas, recognizing teachers who demonstrate exemplary teaching practices. Currently, National Board-Certified Teachers constitute approximately three percent of the national teaching force, embodying excellence and dedication within their profession.

The certification process is rigorous, requiring candidates to showcase their teaching proficiency through a comprehensive two-part assessment:

  1. Portfolio Assessment: This includes videotaped classroom teaching segments, detailed lesson plans, and samples of student work, illustrating the teacher's impact on student learning.
  2. Written Assessment: Candidates demonstrate their subject-area knowledge, classroom practices, curriculum design, and impact on student learning through a rigorous written assessment.

Typically, candidates invest between 200 to 400 hours in portfolio activities, a testament to their commitment to professional growth and educational excellence.

Kent School District (KSD) collaborates closely with the Kent Education Association to support teachers embarking on the National Board Certification journey. This partnership underscores KSD's commitment to fostering a cadre of highly skilled educators who positively influence student achievement.

National Board Certified Teacher Facilitators within KSD include:

  • Stacey Gruenich, New Teacher Mentor Program Specialist, National Board-Certified Teacher since 2011.
  • Ryan Chinn, Science Teacher at Kentwood High School, National Board-Certified Teacher since 2008.
  • Laura Mroos, New Teacher Mentor Program Specialist, National Board-Certified Teacher since 2014.

2023 National Board-Certified Teachers from Kent School District include:

  • Tyler Pratt, Mathematics Teacher at Kent Meridian, NBCT content area: Mathematics/Early Adolescence.
  • Jennifer Satterstrom, Kindergarten Teacher at Carriage Crest, NBCT content area: Generalist/Early Childhood.
  • Rachael Turton, Kindergarten Teacher at East Hill, NBCT content area: Reading-Language Arts/Early and Middle Childhood.

Cynthia Green, Executive Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning shared, "achieving National Board Certification as a teacher is to be celebrated. We are incredibly proud of our KSD teachers that have earned this certification as well as those colleagues that support and facilitate the National Boards process."

Aligned with its educational goals, Kent School District emphasizes preparing students to become global citizens and investing in a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace cultures. This commitment is reflected in the ongoing support and recognition of National Board Certified Teachers.