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Kent School District Update

A Message from Superintendent Vela

As communicated this past year, Kent School District, along with many other districts in our state, is facing financial challenges due to declining birthrates and enrollment, along with rising inflation costs, and the expiring Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund, also known as ESSER.  

The Board of Directors has determined that a fiscal necessity exists that will not allow the district to maintain its educational program and services at substantially the same level and has adopted a reduced educational program that includes reducing central office, non-represented administrative positions. These difficult decisions are necessary to keep the district’s commitment to long-term financial stability.   

The Board of Directors approved Resolution No. 1663 Reduction in Educational Program on Wednesday, January 24, for a reduction to central office, non-represented administrative positions for the 2024-25 contract year. There were 22 leadership positions impacted by the educational program reduction at the central administration office. The reorganization of central office non-represented administrative staff will be effective July 1, 2024.   

While this reduction is necessary, I acknowledge and recognize the impact on our employees and their families. Our Human Resources team is fully committed to providing support and assistance through this transition. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to assist staff affected by these changes.   

As we move through the budget development process, I will continue implementing the next steps in our multi-year stairstep approach to address these financial challenges. This will necessitate the need to make additional reductions to the educational program.   

We will continue to engage with our labor partners as we work through these difficult challenges together. I am committed to transparency and keeping you informed throughout the process. Thank you for your understanding as we focus on the financial stability of our district to accomplish our mission of successfully preparing all students for their futures.


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