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Free Microsoft Training for Families

Attend a live virtual training to learn how to use Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 applications. Each interactive support session:  

  • Lasts approximately 1 hour.  
  • Is facilitated by Microsoft educators. 
  • Is available to all KSD families for free.  

You may attend as many trainings or times as needed to suit your family and student needs.  

Advanced registration using an email address is required to reserve your spot and join the Microsoft Teams event. After you register, you will receive an email confirmation with the link and calendar event that will allow you to join at the specified date/time using your phone, your computer's browser, or the free Teams app for Android or iOS.

Fall Course Offerings 

Microsoft Accessibility Tool Solutions 

There is no limit to what people can achieve when technology reflects the diversity of all who use it. This course shows how students can achieve more with the built-in accessibility tools and features in Microsoft technologies. It focuses on features for those who need to customize their settings for hearing, sight, and neurodiverse needs, as well as for those that wish to be more inclusive in the content they create and the way they present. (Recommended for students grades K-12)  

Windows 10 & the Surface

This course provides a showcase of Microsoft Surface products and accessories and an overview of how to get started, get organized, and work efficiently using Windows 10. (Best for students in grades 6-12) 

Microsoft OneNote

Learn about OneNote, a digital note-taking app that provides a single place for keeping all your notes, research, plans, and information. Notes are easy to organize, print, and share, and you can search and find important information quickly.  (Recommended for students grades K-12) 

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create, view, present, or share presentations quickly and easily.  Get started by learning to navigate PowerPoint, design presentations, and use helpful presentation tools. Deeply integrated with Microsoft 365, including utilization of one’s digital identity within Microsoft 365. Permissions, presence, and more are tied to this identity.  (Recommended for students grades K-12) 

Microsoft Word 

The trusted word app lets you create, edit, view, and share files with others quickly and easily.  Get started by learning to navigate Word, make impactful documents, and review your content with ease.  (Recommended for students grades K-12)