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June 29 Board Decision

The Kent School District Board of Directors voted not to uphold the Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) decision to remove “Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts)” by L.C. Rosen from the Cedar Heights Middle School Library during a special meeting on June 29, 2022. Therefore, the book will remain in Kent School District libraries. This matter was before the Board from a tabled motion from its June 8, 2022, board meeting due to an appeal on the decision of the Kent School District Instructional Materials Committee to remove the book.  

Before the June 8 board meeting, the Board extensively reviewed the full summary report from the IMC including related documents such as the IMC’s review of the book using an established set of criteria in the following areas: library collection criteria, diversity, text complexity, maturity level, and appropriate level. The IMC summary report also included presentations and accounts from the parties involved. The Board received hundreds of comments from both sides of the issue including emails and public comment. At the June 8 board meeting, a motion was made to reject the IMC decision, a second was made and discussion was under way when there were connectivity issues, and all five board members were unable to participate in the discussion on the motion. Because of these issues, the Board tabled the motion and agreed to continue it at a future board meeting.  

At a special meeting on June 29, the Board made a motion to take from the table the motion to reject the IMC decision. The Board heard discussion from its members and voted on the motion.  

Please find a recording of this special meeting, along with all board meetings, posted on the Kent School District YouTube channel.