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October Is National Bullying Prevention Month

Working Together To Provide A Safe Learning Environment For All Students

Our first priority is the safety of our students and staff. Children should be able to attend schools where they feel safe and receive a quality education. We are committed to doing our part to keep our schools safe and nurturing, but we also need help from our community including families, staff, and community members.

Bullying or making threats against other people is entirely inappropriate. Threats, even those made as jokes or teasing, can disrupt the educational process and cause emotional stress for students.

Every year, there are stories in the news about students bullying other students or about students making threats that no one took seriously, but then resulted in violence towards others. In today’s environment, these threats are taken seriously. If a student is heard making threats directed at staff or other students, please notify the appropriate authorities and school staff. Tell students to notify their teacher or principal if anyone makes a threat against them or anyone else.

Here are some tips suggested by national experts on school safety for families to consider: 

  • Make sure your child understands the seriousness of things they say.
  • Have your child think of a time when they were hurt by something someone said or did and talk about how they felt.
  • Words don’t always lead to action, but let your child know if they hear someone saying they will hurt someone else, this must be taken very seriously. Tell your child all threats need to be reported to an adult. Talk with them about being socially responsible.
  • Reinforce with your child the need to resolve conflict in a non-aggressive way.
  • Seek help if you have concerns about your child’s behavior, including changes in eating habits, dress, grades, interests, and friends.

Working together, we can provide a safe and nurturing environment for all children in Kent School District.