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SAT Testing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The SAT and PSAT are designed for the purpose of college entrance and college/university admissions requirements. On average, 82% of Kent School District’s graduating seniors who enroll in college directly after high school attend a Washington state college or university.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and a broader shift away from inequitable gatekeeping practices to postsecondary education, all public colleges and universities in Washington State have removed the SAT/ACT as a requirement for college admission or scholarship offerings. This decision is permanent and will continue for future entering freshmen classes.

The administration of the PSAT conflicts with the fall Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) testing window. The fall SBA is a Washington state requirement. Per The College Board (parent company for PSAT/SAT), the PSAT is only offered during the school day if a school district is also offering the SAT. The SAT is also only offered school-wide when the testing occurs during the school day. As a result, testing only students who are interested/need the SAT is not an option during the school day. Remote instruction during pandemic closure had a significant impact on Kent students. Taking critical instructional time to test an entire grade level, when only handfuls of students may need to take the SAT, did not seem like an appropriate use of instructional time. For these reasons, the decision was made to not offer the PSAT/SAT during the school day.

For those students for whom the SAT is necessary for college admissions or scholarship applications, we will cover the test fee for SAT when the student provides evidence of the test score requirement. SAT tests are offered monthly. Students can create a College Board account to register online for a testing opportunity in our region.

Students/Guardians can contact for more information about SAT reimbursement and the submission of test score requirement.