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Elementary Conferences Oct. 18-22

Elementary conferences are scheduled for October 18-22. Conferences will be happening virtually this year due to COVID-19. Please contact your student’s teacher for more information about scheduling your student’s conference.

Tips For A Successful Elementary Conference

Family Involvement

The first and most important step is your involvement. Attendance is essential to build a relationship with your child’s teacher.

Be On Time

Your time with the teacher is limited because you are not the only parent the teacher is meeting with – make the most of it.

Bring Questions

You may want to know how your child is performing, or if there is a particular subject where improvement is needed. Before the meeting, prioritize your questions.

Behavior At Home

Bring up anything happening at home that could affect your child’s behavior, learning, or participation in class.

Communication Going Forward

Ask what the preferred method of communication is such as phone calls, emails, or meetings.