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Six Schools Ranked Among Top 100

Our Elementary Schools in the TOP 100

Kent School District is proud to announce six of our elementary schools included in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s top 100 elementary schools in the region. The rankings are based on academic, economic, and racial diversity, classroom size, and teacher experience. The Puget Sound Journal analyzes data from OSPI  provided by schools and then ranks our region’s elementary schools.

Each school provided a quote from either the principal and/or teachers about what inspires them to serve in education. Thank you to the students, staff, families, and community members who support our students and are dedicated to preparing them for success!

Emerald Park

“I am inspired to serve as an educator at Emerald Park Elementary. As a teacher of color, I believe it is important that education represent and advocate for marginalized communities. Through my teaching I am able to live out that belief, raising awareness of those communities and the systemic inequalities they face. In my practice I work to enhance social justice for all students and to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment.”

Florence Pero

Third-Grade Teacher


“My main inspiration for being in education is my love for kids. I have always felt that being a kid can be hard because many times they are in a position of being misunderstood or overlooked.  As an educator, I have been able to help kids learn how to have a strong voice in their own future, by giving them a solid educational foundation.  Teaching kids how to learn, read, be curious, understand their emotions and to be a leader, if they are so inclined, at a young age helps them to decide what path they will take in the future.  I am very grateful to have been able to do all of that at Glenridge, a school that is always exploring best practices in education and encouraging teachers to take risks and be lifelong learners.” 

Dotty Watson

School Success Coach and former 4th grade teacher

Lake Youngs

“All kids deserve to come to school and feel loved, safe, and respected. A great school environment fosters amazing academic growth. School was always a safe place for me as a child – but it is not the case for all children. I feel like the staff at Lake Youngs works really hard to make sure that all kids feel the care they deserve every day at school.  Because kids are happy – they are learning and excelling. Lake Youngs is a special place to be. I’m inspired by my coworkers who work so hard to show care for our students both emotionally and academically. Watching students smile and “get it” is by far the best feeling around. It is a joy to come to work each and every day.”

Jennifer Yager

Third-Grade Teacher

“Helping each student achieve their fullest potential, advocating for what each student needs as an individual, and seeing students who proud of their growth and proud to be a Lake Youngs Grizzly are some of the things that inspire me to work both in education and at Lake Youngs!”

Lynette Vogeley

Assistant Principal

Martin Sortun

“Martin Sortun has developed a culture that is passionate about the safety, emotional well-being, character, and education of every child. “

Lori Sabo

Library Media Specialist

 “All Martin Sortun staff work collaboratively to create a rich and engaging environment for learning environment where individual student needs are addressed.”

Gregory Kroll



“Millennium families are committed to the educational process and send us their finest to work with. Millennium staff are a strong, diverse, and caring group of individuals who offer their best strategies and efforts to create a place where each student can achieve their fullest potential. As long as this combination of fine children and spectacular staff exist I believe our students will continue to grow and shine! Well done everyone!”

Principal Tracie Watson



“Serving in education for me is about ensuring all children are afforded the same education taught in the best way possible to reach each unique learning style. It’s about looking into young eyes and seeing their dreams and then doing whatever it takes to help them live those dreams.”

Katharine Geiss



The rankings this year include the 2028-19 OSPI testing results because standardized tests were cancelled in 2019-20 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Business Journal excluded schools with fewer than 10 students, schools that taught grades beyond elementary, and schools that didn’t provide all data required to analyze the ranking. The analysis only looked at schools in the Puget Sound region, which the Business Journal defines as King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap counties,” provided by the Puget Sound Business Journal.