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It’s Time to Register for Kindergarten

If your child will be five years old on or before August 31, they’re eligible to enter kindergarten this fall. Registering in January gives you more time to plan on attending their school’s kindergarten orientation event and learn about kindergarten readiness, a key factor in ensuring your child’s future success.

This early registration initiative is part of the Road Map Region’s Race to the Top grant led by the Puget Sound Educational Service District. Kent School District has joined six other districts as part of the Road Map Region’s plan to establish a robust regional system ensuring students are kindergarten ready and successful learners through the third grade and beyond.

Because the academic success of children in later years depends heavily on kindergarten readiness, registering in January, nearly seven months before school starts, allows time for parents to create a roadmap for their child toward success in kindergarten. In addition to being prepared academically, children need to have experience interacting with others, age-appropriate self-control, and the ability to cooperate with their peers. For parent resources on kindergarten readiness, visit the Kent School District Early Learning Parent Resources webpage.

For information about registering a child for kindergarten and orientation, visit our Kindergarten Registration webpage, or call the school your child will attend.