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Giving Back to Our Community

Students and staff with donations. Last month, Mill Creek students and staff came together to help families in our community who experience food insecurity and need warm clothing.

Seventh-grade students donated 491 pounds of food and clothing, eighth-grade students donated 405 pounds, and staff members donated 342 pounds of food and clothing. Together, the school donated a total of 1238 pounds of food and clothing. The food will help start a backpack food program for Mill Creek students and the clothing is being donated to the clothing bank.

Two students were recognized for bringing in donations and earned spirit hoody sweatshirts. Eighth-grade student Irma Rivera with 115 pounds of donations and seventh-grade student Kyle Brown with 49 pounds.

Two classes also won donut parties for bringing in the most donations, Mrs. Carter’s eighth-grade Paws class with over 60 pounds and Mrs. Jones-Bigham’s seventh-grade Paws class with over 41 pounds.

Great job Bulldogs!