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A Helping Hand of Cookies and Appreciation from East Hill Elementary

Every January, School Board Recognition Month is celebrated in the K-12 public schools across Washington. In Kent School District, our board consists of community leaders, parents, educators, and long-time community members who care deeply about our student and staff community. School Board members are essential in setting a vision and helping enact policies that keep student learning first, staff support high, and making sure Kent School District holds our promise of preparing every student for their future.

Several of our schools provided thank you posters and cards for the school board this year. East Hill Elementary showed their appreciation for the KSD School Board through words of gratitude and artistic expression. Students contributed to a poster to hang in the board room during the month of January. The poster consisted of hands traced on paper and cut out, which let each student show their thanks with words that read, “EHE Appreciates KSD Board Members, We are in Good Hands.” 

Students from East Hill Elementary who contributed to the School Board Appreciation PosterThe East Hill Elementary School students also provided words of thanks to our school board for their commitment to them and KSD. “Thank you for all you do to support learning in the KSD,” said Uputaua, a six-grade student. “Thank you for volunteering to take care of our schools,” said Kerah, a first-grade student.

Not only did East Hill Elementary provide a poster, sharing their thanks and creativity, but they also provided a cookbook called “It’s a Small World Cookie Cookbook” to our school board. Tammy Moore’s – a teacher at East Hill Elementary – class worked on using the cookbook to learn about different cultures within their classroom community, build bridges with their families, and to use the internet to enhance research skills. However, the class discovered something much greater in the process. “We learned we have more in common with each other than not… we found all cookie varieties contained the same four key ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, butter/lard,” Moore said. “Following that, we moved the conversation from cookies to people. Do all people look the same? No. Do all people have the same vital needs? Yes,” said Moore.

Students who contributed to the cookbook spoke on their experience making it. “My favorite part of making the cookie cookbook was learningStudents from Tammy Moore's class who worked on the "Its a Small World Cookie Cookbook" about my culture and learning about ingredients in cookies,” said a student in Tammy’s class. Another student spoke on how this project helped them get connected to their classmates. “My favorite part of making the cookie cookbook was learning about where our classmates are from, where their families are from, and where they grew up.”

School Board Recognition Month was started in 1995 by the National School Boards Association to help school districts recognize their school boards and help build community knowledge around the importance of school boards in the vision and goals of a school district. Interim Superintendent Israel Vela is thankful for our school board and their partnership in making sure we build a school district that expands learning for every student. “The tasks that come with being a school board member are numerous and varied. Our board members sacrifice time away from their lives and families to help make a positive difference in our community. Their commitment to service and public education affects the future lives of our children and our community. And for that, I say thank you. And I thank our students, staff, and community for joining in the celebration of School Board Recognition Month,” said Vela.

Thank you to East Hill Elementary for the awesome poster and cookbook and thank you to our school board for continuing to serve our Kent School District community. You can learn more about our school board members through their bios and video profiles below.