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Safety Alert for KSD Families

Dear KSD Families,

A video has been posted and shared on several social media platforms, depicting an incident between several KSD students at a City of Kent skate park on Tuesday, July 6. Multiple students were engaged in a verbal altercation while playing at the skate park; the known age of students involved ranged from 10 to 18 years old. Several KSD students have been identified from multiple schools in the video. While this incident did not happen on school property or during a summer learning program, the safety of our students is our first priority.

We are cooperating and working closely with law enforcement to provide our complete support to the impacted students. We understand that knowing this incident occurred involving KSD students at a local park can be unsettling for students, parents, and community members alike. However, please know that we are limited in terms of actions we can take since this did not occur during instruction time or on school grounds.

Kent School District is committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students, employees, families, volunteers, and community members free from harassment, intimidation, or bullying. Harassment, intimidation, or bullying can take many forms, including, but not limited to slurs, rumors, jokes, innuendoes, demeaning comments, drawings, cartoons, pranks, gestures, physical attacks, threats, or other written, verbal, physical, or electronically transmitted messages or images. We encourage students and families to report concerns that occur at school through our district procedures.  For incidents occurring not during school or school-sponsored events, students and families should contact law enforcement to report concerns and call 911 if it is an emergency.

As summer continues, we encourage you to review safety rules with your child. This is also an opportunity to talk to your students about social media safety. Here are some general safety rules to consider reviewing with your student:

  • Be present and aware of what your children are doing online.

  • Make sure your child knows to come to you with a problem right when it occurs, so you can help fix it. Things can get out of hand quickly online, as pictures, texts, videos, and posts can go viral within hours.

  • Stay vigilant with supervision.

  • Teach children to trust their instincts and tell a trusted adult whenever a situation feels "off."

  • Talk to your children about safe adults and how to find them in a public space.

  • If approached by a stranger, the student should run away.

  • If a stranger touches or attempts to grab a student, the child should yell and scream.

  • Depending on your student's age, it can also be helpful to "role play" some things a stranger might say to entice them.

We always keep student safety a priority before, during, and after school and during school breaks. And, we are committed to alerting you of any safety concerns that may impact your student.

Please let us know if you have additional questions. Again, thank you for your continued support in keeping all students safe.

We wish you a safe, healthy, and fun summer vacation.

Kent School District