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Celebrating International Women’s Day

KM female staff and Afghan Student Association with roses

The Kent-Meridian (KM) Afghan Student Association celebrated every female staff member with roses on International Women’s Day.

The students passed out about eighty flowers on March 8 to recognize the important contribution of female staff in their school community.

“I have always wanted to do this and show that I support every female who works hard,” explained advisor Abdul Ahmade.

The staff reacted with joy and appreciation.

“I felt joy and warmth to see the female staff smile,” reflected Afghan Student Association President Murwared Sayed.

Meet the KM Afghan Student Association

Afghan Student Association

Student names listed as pictured in the photograph left to right.

  • Secretary Abdullah Sahak
  • Treasurer Ahmad Sahil
  • Advisor Abdul Ahmad
  • President Murwared Sayed
  • Vice President Behishta Zamiry