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King County Green Schools Program Recognizes Kent School District for Sustainability Efforts


King County Green Schools Program recognized six schools and student teams from the Kent School District for their outstanding efforts in promoting sustainability during the 2022-2023 school year. The program, aimed at expanding knowledge and understanding of sustainability among students, teachers, and other school and district staff, has commended these schools for their commitment to environmental stewardship. 
Principal Miles Erdly of Horizon Elementary School said, “We are proud to be a sustaining Green School! Our students and staff recognize the importance of minimizing our environmental footprint as we learn that our actions do make a difference to the health of our planet. We are now in our second year of collecting organic waste for composting with the end goal of developing our own organic garden on our campus. Thanks to the Green Schools program, our Hawks are creating a model for all Kent Schools to aspire to by reducing our carbon footprint and enjoying the fresh air!“ 

The Green Schools Program, a part of the King County Solid Waste Division's Education and Community Engagement Section, encourages and supports schools in taking steps to become more sustainable. The program provides tools, resources, and guidance to help schools reduce waste, conserve resources, and promote sustainable practices. Awards are given to schools and student teams that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and have successfully implemented sustainable practices. 
The six Kent School District schools and student teams that have been recognized by the Green Schools Program include: 

  • Glenridge Elementary School and Student Team 
  • Horizon Elementary School and Student Team 
  • Lake Youngs Elementary School and Student Team 
  • Northwood Middle School and Student Team 
  • Park Orchard Elementary School and Student Team 
  • Sawyer Woods Elementary School and Student Team 

These schools and student teams have demonstrated exemplary dedication and commitment to sustainability, making a significant impact on their campuses and communities. Their efforts align with the overall vision of the Green Schools Program, which aims to create a culture of sustainability within schools and inspire students to become environmental leaders.  

Kent School Districts congratulates these schools and student teams for their outstanding achievements and encourages other schools to follow their lead in adopting sustainable practices. By working together, we can make a positive difference in protecting our environment for future generations.