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KSD is Experiencing a Shortage of School Bus Drivers

Our Transportation team supports student success by providing access to daily school transportation, athletics, and activities. Our goal is to transport students to and from school on schedule safely. Many students begin and end their school day with a bus ride, so safety is important as we drive over 8,000 miles each day.

Due to a severe bus driver shortage in Kent School District, some bus routes will likely be affected to some degree daily this school year. Unfortunately, KSD is not the only district or organization experiencing a driver shortage. We have been diligently recruiting, hiring, and training a sufficient team of bus drivers as quickly as possible. Still, the COVID-19 pandemic has gravely impacted transportation nationwide and is now affecting our transportation team.

On any given day, any given bus route students could experience a different bus number, earlier or later pick-u or drop-off times, and unfortunately, the potential of no bus transportation at all. 

Please note these the ways a driver shortage could affect your child: 

  • Different buses: Your child may ride one bus in the morning to school and a different one in the afternoon on the way home. This means a different bus number and a different bus driver.
  • Bus times: Pick-up and drop-off times could vary and may not align precisely with school start and dismissal times. Because of the driver shortage, we may need to double-up on bus runs, when this happens your child could be picked up earlier or later than when school begins. Alternatively, your student may need to wait at school for a bus to pick them up, this happens students will be supervised while they wait. As soon as we know if your child's route is affected, we will send a School Messenger SMS text and email to families with as much advance notice as possible.
  • No transportation: As a last resort, when no bus drivers are available, it's possible we may not be able to provide bus transportation for some routes on any given day. We encourage families to have a backup plan with an alternative way to get their child to school. If your child is unable to get to school due to lack of transportation, it will be an excused absence. We will notify affected families as soon as we possibly can. We will continue to provide transportation for special education students who have special transportation in their IEP. 

Our bus driver shortage also affects:

  • Space Available bus passes: We have less available space on buses to allow for space-available bus passes due to combining bus routes. However, we will continue to examine requests on a case-by-case basis.

If you need assistance or have other transportation-related questions, please visit our website or contact our Transportation office at (253) 373-7442.

Become a KSD School Bus Driver

Apply online to join the Kent School District (KSD) Transportation Team in transporting 10,000 students to and from school each day. Have questions? Contact our Transportation office at (253) 373-7442.

Job Benefits

  • Competitive wages
  • Health benefits
  • Vision and dental
  • Washington State retirement
  • Teamster pension
  • Weekends and summers off

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum of five years driving experience
  • Excellent driving record with no suspension or revocation of driving license within last five years
  • Must be able to read a map, learn school locations, follow routing directions, and complete paperwork
  • Must be able to pass a physical agility test, Department of Transportation (DOT) physical, alcohol and drug tests, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Washington State Patrol (WSP) background checks

Apply Online

View the job description, learn more about requirements, and apply online.

We Offer Training

KSD provides training to qualified applicants. The driver training program takes approximately four weeks and combines classroom learning with behind-the-wheel bus driving experience.

  • Complete the CDL Class B driving test
  • Receive passenger and school bus endorsements
  • Learn school bus procedures and legal requirements
  • Understand route and map reading

We offer a $1,000 Incentive

Candidates who complete training and begin driving for KSD will receive a $1,000 completion incentive.