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Student Receives Scholarship from Mrs. World

Kaitlyn Musni with a $1,000 college scholarship In November, Mrs. World 2019, Jennifer Le, who is also a 2007 Kent-Meridian High School alumna, visited the Kent-Meridian Girls Who Code club to speak about promoting women in tech and awarded Kaitlyn Musni with a $1,000 college scholarship! Congratulations Kaitlyn!

Mrs. World

On May 4, 2019, Jennifer Le made history as the first Vietnamese woman, and also the first person from Seattle, to ever win Mrs. World, a prestigious pageant for married women founded in 1984. The pageant not only celebrates the uniqueness of a married woman, it also gives her a platform to inspire, encourage and ultimately make a difference in her community and the world at large. During the course of her pageant career, Jennifer has held other titles, including Mrs. Vietnam World 2018 and Miss Vietnam Global 2007.

Jennifer is also the founder of the Female for Tech Scholarship Program, which provides financial and social support to individuals from low-income families, specifically female students with the aspiration of pursuing a degree and career in STEM. In addition to raising scholarship funds, Jennifer is spending her year as Mrs. World leading and supporting initiatives that aim to close the gender gap in the tech field. In less than a year, she has traveled to over 10 countries, 22 cities and counting. She hopes to make a global impact by partnering with other organizations focused on the same mission. To date, she has worked with Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, Women Meet Tech Vietnam, She Tech Italy and Code Ninjas.