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Kent School District Starts New Volunteer Process

Kent School District has a new program that will make the volunteer process more efficient, streamlined, and standardized across the District. VIPS – Volunteers in Public Schools is using a new online volunteer management system which includes:

  • Standardized application process (completed online by the applicant) 
  • Automatic approval and notification features

VIPS is for parents, families, and community members who are looking to assist in school learning, activities, competitions, or events. However, it is not for the fulfillment of court-required community service or other obligations imposed for violations of the law. Volunteer categories include:

  • Field trip volunteer driver
  • General volunteer
  • Interpreters

Those wishing to volunteer can select one or many schools to support and will be required to reauthorize and update the application and background check before beginning volunteer service each school year.

Volunteers can make a difference in the lives of students every day, and a robust volunteer program is important to our schools, staff, and students in successfully preparing them for their futures.

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