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Deep Dive 1

 Daxa Thomas, Project Lead

Kent’s East Hill Partnership was created before the Race to the Top (RTTT) Grant was awarded. It is a partnership comprised of the district and community organizations that support the programs for children and families who reside at the Birch Creek Complex.  The purpose of the partnership is to allow the Kent School District to strengthen school-based data systems and tools, align school and community partner curricula, and create a strong family engagement model. The opportunities provided through the grant funds have supported the growth of the partnership between the school district, King County Housing Authority (KCHA) who operate the Birch Creek facility, and collaboration between Kent Youth and Family Services who provide extended day and summer school activities at the site.

The goals of this project are:

  • Increase achievement during the school day by providing learning opportunities based on data and using a tiered math and literacy intervention system.
  • Increase achievement through extended school day opportunities in partnership with King County Housing Authority and other community organizations. Provide extended school day opportunities supporting students improving math and literacy outcomes by providing students with individualized learning through the use of technology.

  • Increase student achievement through effective family engagement linked to school improvement.

The Deep Dive I work has focused on the partnership between Pine Tree Elementary, Millennium Elementary and the extended day and summer school programs at Birch Creek. Funds from this grant have also paid for the Parent Academy for Student Achievement (PASA) programs at several of our high-need elementary schools.

Funding for this work has been granted a no-cost extension through August 2017.